Some Interesting Hunting Facts

Are you a hunter? Do you love hunting for wild animals? Have you exciting thing seen while you go on hunting. D you follow hunting rules. Have you read about the lives of great hunters like Jim Carbet? What do you learn from shooting? Have you somewhat to tell about hunting?


If you are an aspiring hunter, you must read this article; I shall tell you about some exciting hunting facts. After reading it, you may have an insight into hunting, its basics, and different hunting rites and costumes. Here are some of the most exciting facts about hunting.


African hunting dogs


There existed voting among African hunting dogs for hunting. The votes decided the hunting. The crucial animals needed three votes while lesser famous dogs had to grab ten votes.


Grizzly bears


These bears brought about fear in Native Americans. If they decided to go on the hunt for grizzly bears. There would be a company of 4 to 10 warriors. It was like fighting a war. The same preparation and ceremonies were held like that of a war.

Black Rhino


Namibia earned from allowing Black rhino hunt. The country raised 350k dollars through a license to hunt. The breeding age of rhino was passed and was harmful to the rest of the herd. The money was invested in the protection of rare animals.

Released rabbits in Australia


An English settler released some rabbit in his settlement in 1859. The objective was to give it a touch of home, and there would be little harm. The maybe a spot of hunting. The rabbits increased the population to 10 billion by 1920.

Hunting license


In Texas, if you do not pay child support tax, you cannot get your hunting license renewed.

Bison hunting


The settlers hunted bison in the 1800s, not for food but some nefarious objectives. The bison was a rare and near extinction animal. Its goal was to restrict American Indians from the diet. The settlers fired from trains and left them


Nathaniel Bar-Jonah


He was a serial killer and cannibal. He had a party after one of his victims’ disappearance. He served burgers, chilli etc. to guests. He told that he had gone on deer hunting. The interesting thing was that h neither had a hunting license nor had a rifle. He had not gone for hunting any time.


Peta members


Some Peta member went on an anti-hunting campaign. They saw remains of a deer. The sued the New Jersey Games department for the dear. The blame was that the deer management department should have taken steps.

Champawat Tigress


The Bengali tigress killed the 436 people. At last, when she was shot dead, it came to be known that its canine teeth were broken. She could not go hunting naturally. So she killed so many innocent people for her food.



We have gone through some exciting things about hunting. There are a lot of hunting fables and myths.

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